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Instructions and Help about form 8300 penalties

The United States government acting through the Department of Treasury's Office of Foreign Assets Control also known as OFAC will target and will designate an individual a business or a country on u.s. foreign policy and national security concerns the designation can mean public humiliation in financial ruin this form of economic warfare blocks that is freezes the designee x' assets seeks to limit its international trade and cut off all financial transactions that are subject to US domestic or extraterritorial jurisdiction it is an economic death penalty and can last a lifetime when persons have been placed on the list they're often confused as to why they're on the list in the first place many times one finds themselves on the list with absolutely no idea as to what they've done wrong they're also confused as to how to challenge the designation some people will spend years trying to challenge a designation by going through the wrong channels we've seen individuals try to challenge it through the US State Department or the Department of Justice or even through the United Nations or the European Commission oh fak is responsible for administering the list and oh fak is where one needs to challenge their designation our law firm is experienced in handling these matters we challenge Oh Fox designation and seek to have the individual the business or the country removed from the sanctions list a word of caution you must be patient this process can take anywhere from a minimum of six months up to several years o fact is in the business of designation not removal the good news we know how OFAC works and we know how to get you the best result it just takes time to do it properly I'm Douglas McNabb.