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Instructions and Help about how to avoid form 8300

Thank you Sam good day everyone thanks for joining us we're going to talk about this new FinCEN currency transaction report one of the things I've heard regulators say over and over again is the most frequent violation that they find during BSA examinations is that the currency transaction reports are completed incorrectly that's what we're going to work on that's exactly what it is that we want to avoid Sam has mentioned the fact that there are written materials and support of the program one of the decisions that I made and we'll chat about it a little bit was to make sure that you were looking at the original source documents in other words you have primary resources to look over during this presentation I can catch the place to start with the new currency transaction report with a new suspicious activity report as well first of all it's kind of set the stage currently the attention of GTR the report only exists in electronic format there are no more paper forms there will be no more paper forms as a matter of fact Finch and went back and edit the instructions to make sure that they used the term report where the appropriate term was going to appear they want to make sure that we all understand that this is not a form anymore it is an electronic data collection device that's their terminology and frankly the more you study this document but more clear that becomes they have organized it to look like a form but that's just for the psychological impact on you and me it is really nothing more than typing information into boxes and pushing to death so that information will end up in their database one just a little footnote take a look at your policies and procedures and make sure that you are referring to this document has the Fincham CTR no longer carries a form number it is not a form as I already mentioned so make sure that you've converted your internal documentation to match their thought processes now in terms of electronic filing many banks have been an electronic filing for years obviously in order to do that you're going to have to register to deal with a tronic filing but everybody's already done that so I'm not going to go into that in any sort of detail whatsoever what I want to do is to talk about another resource and that is the user test system I still run into to be candid the majority of bankers who are just not familiar with this website I have depicted a screenshot from the home page from the user test system and on the next slide I'm going to show you the URL if you want to instead go to the finish and website and just search for it just type in user test this don't it will take you to the announcement where they published it and.