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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing how does form 8300 affect me

Instructions and Help about how does form 8300 affect me

Music hello my friends my name is Aaron also known as come on what you're looking at is HP 8300 small form factor desktop these computers are used in offices because they're so small and they're compact right here's the thing this one is about five to six years old however these computers are still really good because this particular one has I five thirty four seventy this CPU is still really good for whether you're using at just for regular office or you know whether you want to do some gaming or some video editing or whatnot and this video I'm going to show you how to upgrade this type of desktop just to kind of throw this out there a couple other models 80 280 100 small form-factor look just like this okay let's go ahead and pop this open so if you when you have it on the side like this just use this lever pull this up like this and you have it open right away so starting from the front if you want to replace this cd-rom you just have to pull up on this on this part of it right and of course this is the front facing part of it right and if you want to remove your cd-rom you would disconnect your power your serial connector push it back down at this point what we need to do is press this green button here press it in hold it well will this what this will do is disconnect the cd-rom you pull back on it like so and then you'll lift up now your cd-rom is disconnected I'm gonna put this to the side and if you want to remove your hard drive you would essentially do the same thing this connected press the button press the green button pull up and then slide out okay not moving back to the power supply if you want to replace this power supply it's actually really simple there are only three wires first you would move your power supply like this you just lift it up you don't have to press any buttons or anything and it has three wires first wire is here I will actually move this out of the way so you can see this helps good you know just to kind of pop this out of the way and the wire to disconnect is actually right here it's that wire so you would just press the little tab you would disconnect it right and you can separate it here from these little clamps okay and then there is a one connector here same type of deal and there's this small one here and now to remove the power supply kind of similar to our cd-rom pull it forward in this case and lift up there you go and then to reinstall it you see it has this little little grooves here just make sure you align the grooves make.