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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing are cashiers checks reported to irs

Instructions and Help about are cashiers checks reported to irs

Ever wonder about the difference between a cashier's check and a money order depending on the situation one form of payment is more useful than the other let's see which one is best for your needs the price of a cashier's check is about twice as much as a money order both are accepted at banks and businesses as well as by individuals however you can only get cashier's checks at a financial institution such as a bank or credit union money orders on the other hand are available at check cashing locations convenience stores gas stations drugstores post offices and retailers the limit of the check amount is the big difference cashier's checks have no limit but money orders are limited to $1,000 cashier's checks may be used for payments over $1,000 so they are good for situations requiring heightened security like the data payment for a new car or home money orders can be used if you don't have a checking account to prevent bounced checks for mail payments to avoid using personal checks and to send money overseas to learn more about wendy use a cashier's check versus a money order visit go banking rates calm.